Wax carving

Wax carving Wax carving Wax carving

A way of implementing the design without using the metal where the design is sculpted and emptied on a wax specially made for the jewelry industry

This method is used to save time and effort and then comes the stage of casting on the selected metal and then add the stones that highlight the beauty of jewelry and adorn it with its distinctive glamor

We will learn during the course:
First (pendant):
Identify the tools and tools to work and how to use them.
Formation and drawing on the wax material.
Pendants of different shapes and designs, including simple and detailed together.
How to control the sizes
Second: (The Rings):
Implementation of models in different shapes to explain to the trainee the difference between the shapes of the doubles and their sizes and the quality of the design itself.
Designs include (double, rings with precious stones, shapes and motifs).