Draping Dress

About the course:

How to divide the mannequin and lay the basic lines on it

How to form a basic corsage and how to determine the structure of the chest

- How to form the basic pocket on the mannequin

Various discrepancies for chest bra

- How to form a simple dress with a simple drape

The method of fixing the drape and the fracture

Corsag with cups and balloons of all kinds (regular cup - separate cup)

- Heart shape - boat neck

- All kinds of Klush (Judits)

Balloons - Ruffles

Tightening the hill, lace and algebra

Al-Jubair Units Installation

Belts and bands

- Peblum

- Basque

- Extension Piece

- Volume Pleats

Formation on natural materials

- Read the model + dress up different objects

How to treat dressing problems

During the course

Implementation of a simple dress

- Implement a veiled dress

- American Arm Hole Sleeveless Dress