The Art of Decoupage


Of the ancient arts known in "since the ages BC, the abbreviation". We will present in this article


Is "the art of using old paper to make paintings". This one art defines the art of the poor.


The reason for his nickname for the poor is that he used to decorate old furniture by putting different scraps on the furniture, then painting with varnish.


It began in French, découpage, and was spread in France between the 17th and 18th centuries.


It was the first appearance of Decoupage in the 12th century BC.

It was the first appearance of Decoupage art in China.

Decoupage’s art is simple and simple.

The ease of art is simple and inexpensive materials are used.

It makes the application of the art of Decoupage on different surfaces, and from these surfaces: cardboard, metal, wood.


From changing to pieces that are changed using the art of Decoupage: dishes and vases