History of patchwork

The patchwork is one of marvelous handmade craft 

At past  art was limited to those who work to earn a living, but  it break out to become one of the arts that the rich love they are learning it ..

patchwork roots in Egypt returned to the Pharaohs Civilization , at the Egyptian Museum there is a piece of clothing for king tutankhamun made with patchwork style , and it dates back to the 18th Dynasty and  it is made of 3 layers inlaid with gold.

During the reign of the family 21 we will notice that this art is found in a tent over the mummy of the queen "Abest or moheb" and in which the squares are clearly red and blue on a strip that tells the story of the queen .. It is made of deer skin and the way it is implemented in the same way is the link in the patchwork pieces at the time Present.

We will notice in the paintings of the Coptic Egyptian mummies that were discovered in 1880 and known by the name of the faces of Fayoum .. The unit "Lodge as a son" is the first and most important unit "Patchwork"

In America .. Quilting is one of the traditional arts and crafts in Western culture. Mothers in America were famous for sewing quilts from leftovers of fabrics. Everyone in the family had a quilt from a young child to a grandfather and a grandmother, and they spent hours and days making a single piece manually. Every family used to be proud of making it and passing on one generation after another.


History of patchwork